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Aug 20

What makes special and amazing to Web is that the thing you need to connect to other individuals is really an individual computer. It does not have to become a super computer; a simple one would be much more than enough to get in touch to the data highway. It really is that easy and economical to be online today.

But this information is not restricted to text messages only. Pictures, videos, recordings, an such like. As a result of internet, users can basically share any such thing they want, in the minute they want. No strings attached. Basically had to identify one innovation that has transformed the human kind in a radical way, in the past 30 years, undoubtedly I would say: internet. It is a great creation that enables us to be in contact with other persons in the earth, in real time and we just want a simple apparatus, like a computer or even a smartphone. One of the most common uses of the web is always to interact with other persons.

We, the human beings, do not limit ourselves to personal relations offline, but we prefer to take human interaction to another level. From chat rooms to video chats, we can share emotions and feelings with the others, just as if we were next to them.

First, it was the email, and afterwards it was social web sites. At the start of the 90s decade, many persons used to chat through special rooms where users could just interchange texts. Because the net spent my youth, this changed and until it was possible to share multimedia files with other individuals, today the same as we do

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